Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Start with I . . . .

What does it take to fully inhabit your life? It takes realizing how important the I, is. That means you. Let me explain.......

This is not about other people, it's not about changing the world in big ways, it's not even about doing great things---rather, it is about doing small things that give you life, bring you joy, help you inhabit the stories of your days---and, by extension, help change the world and the lives of others around you. To fully live, you must be present in the biggest way possible. 

It is so tempting to start with They instead. If only They would let me. If only They would see my value. If only They would stop expecting so much (or so little) of me.


Great change does not come when we present our case to the king and believe he will all of of a sudden "get it," or when we leave it to His Majesty to give us what we want or need. It won't happen. Permission, change---whatever you want to call it---it doesn't come to us when we sit and wait for it, or when we ask for official sanction. If Rosa Parks had waited to pull together a National Bipartisan Task Force on Bus Seating, she'd still be standing at the bus stop, and so would a lot of other people. Great change doesn't come with official endorsement. It just never has. Change occurs at the edges, without permission.

Why do we give up our power to the very people who took it away in the first place? Why am I waiting for permission? Why am I letting other people measure my worth? What stories do They tell about me that I've started believing?

Stop saying They.

There's no doubt work needs to be done on the systems---the organizations that measure appreciation in cubicle sizes, and there's no doubt we sometimes don't have the power to make those changes ourselves. But many times we can't wait for the systems that created the mess to fix themselves. We can't wait for the conditions to be right for change. It will take too long. We cannot give our power away to the people who took it from us in the first place. Put your arms around your own life. Find the change you can make and make it. 

Start with I.

From the book 
Life is a Verb
37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally.
by Patti Digh


  1. When you change "I" for the will find great joy and others find great joy just being with you! It is contagious!! Thank you for reminding us of the power of "I"!! :)

  2. Amen Anonymous! The Power of "I" IS, by all means, contagious for those who have the courage to use it. May you find joy in putting your arms around your own life, and making the changes that are important to you!


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Go confidently in the direction of your dreams . . .
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