Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Learning the rhythm of my day . . . .

Good morning friends! I hope your week is going well. I'm sitting in my blogging chair this morning! It's the same chair that I sit in every time I post. I've missed this chair. It's in a quiet spot in my family room with a view out the back, and nine times out of ten I see deer pass by, stopping for a bit a breakfast. Most often there is a beam of sunlight streaming across the floor, forcing me to shift my position so I'm not blinded by the light, but I'll take that any day. I've definitely missed this chair. 

Not only has my schedule changed, but so has my mindset. I never really seemed to have much of a problem coming up with things to blog about because the topics were always close to my heart and on my mind. Today, I have processes, procedures and thoughts about employees rattling around in my head. I'm not's all good....really. I'm just trying to figure out the balance that will allow me to concentrate on both work & play. Play, meaning blogging. ....and I'm getting there. I have said it over and over blog is as much for me as it is for anyone who might be reading it. My posts are my own reminders of what is important in life. 

So I'm figuring it out. I'm Prioritizing; looking at my day, setting my schedule, and I'm moving forward, all the while trying to fit it all in. Dr. Edward Hallowell says it best...

"Everyone will have to learn a rhythm for their day; everyone will have to learn to do what matters most first; and everyone will have to find ways of connecting face to face to create the positive emotional state requisite for our best lives." 

What matters to you? And are you making room for what matters most? The topics that I write about matter to me. They matter because they remind of me of what is truly important in life. They keep me centered. They give me clarity. They help me let go of the things that aren't important. All the things I need for daily balance. And all of which are important reasons to get the hang of my own rhythm. I'm getting there. I'm gettin' my rhythm on!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day . . . .

. . . . and happy Summer kick-off-weekend! 

Be safe, my friends!

Photo by me

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When the time comes to chase your dreams,
and it will,
they may seem elusive;
but know you won't catch them all at once.
Just one challenge at a time. 

When success comes, 
and it will,
don't gobble it up--
savor and share it, and it will last.

When love comes,
and it will,
don't bury it in expectation and projection--
be prepared to fall in love all over again,
every day.

When the unexpected and inconceivable 
intrudes your life,
and it will,
deal with life's actual events--
don't obsess about perceived eventualities.

enjoy the ride.

-Michael J. Fox

Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 1 - Grand Cayman

It was clear we had reached the Caribbean Sea when I looked out the window and saw the incredibly beautiful turquoise water below. I'm thinking I should make it my mission to find the most stunning blue shades of water in the world. Do you think I could find someone to pay me to gather results? If I could, I'd take that job in a heartbeat!
Beautiful turquoise water 

"There's never enough time 
to do all the nothing you want."
-Bill Watterson

Above photo's by me

We had dinner at a place called Ragazzi, which means "good buddies" in Italian, so needless to say, it is owned and run by two good friends, Paolo Polloni & Andi Marcher, and it was fabulous. It's hip and stylish and offers a variety of dishes including pizza, pasta, seafood & steak. My husband & I shared a Caprese Salad, the Blue Crab Spring Roll, (just because we had to try it), and a Margherita Pizza that was made in their authentic wood burning pizza oven. We were looking for a more casual evening, so we sat at the bar, had a martini, and enjoyed the company of two very sweet bartenders. We would go again, but the plan is to try a different place each evening. Hmmmm, not sure we can pass up the chance to go one more time! If you get a chance, visit Ragazzi. You won't be disappointed. 
Ragazzi photo's via Google Images

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

And we're off! . . . .

As fun as it is to return to a place that you are familiar with, I am always excited to venture into new territory and explore. And that's exactly what my husband & I plan on doing over the next 10 days. It's time to explore a new place! I'm packing and getting ready to board a plane to Grand Cayman Island, which is located in the western Caribbean Sea.  I have been watching the weather forecast and it's interesting.....the highs are 80-82 and the lows are 79-80, so there is very little temp change between day and night. We have decided to take in several adventures, and make the most of our time there. A few of them include swimming with the dolphins & stingrays, snorkeling, and a possible helicopter tour. And if our internet cooperates, I'm hoping to share some photo's with you while I'm there. If not, then perhaps I'll post a few in the next few weeks. Take a look at that gorgeous turquoise water below! Beauty awaits!
Beautiful Grand Cayman Island
Swim with the Stingrays
....and shopping, of course!

"We may run, walk, stumble, drive or fly,
 but let us never lose sight of 
the reason for the journey, 
or miss a chance to see a rainbow on our way."
Bye-Bye, my friends!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We have a winner! . . . .

Applause! Applause! 
Linda from Canada, 
please contact me at
for mailing instructions,
and Congratulations again!

"You will never win
if you never begin."
-Helen Rowland

And don't forget to visit Leah at
for more stunning pieces!
(Pssst...I'm heading over there now 
to do a little shopping of my own!)

Monday, May 7, 2012

One thing I know for sure, my friend, is that with time everything becomes clear, all questions are answered, what's broken is restored, new trails are blazed, hearts are mended, love returns, and you will look over your shoulder, with a tear in your eye, at life's perfection. 

-The Universe 

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams . . .

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams . . .
Follow your heart