Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let your mind lead . . . .

My yoga instructor said something this morning that I know is very powerful. She said, "Let your mind lead, and your body will follow." I've known for quite some time how powerful the mind is, and I have even used mental techniques that have helped me go further than I ever could have imagined. For many of us, it is so easy to convince ourselves that something is too difficult, and give up much too soon. If we allow ourselves to use the power of the brain, it is astonishing at what we can achieve.

Kurt Lee Hurley

The body can only achieve what the mind can conceive. The mind is designed to perform as a command center and the body serves as the production department. When the mind is strong and integral, the body will obey. If the mind is convinced otherwise, inability sets in, and the body begins to command the mind. Consequently, at the slightest hint of difficulty and pain, the body wants to give up and so it communicates to the mind that it can do no more, and indeed gives up.

Once the mind decides the body is unwilling to do something, a tug-of-war starts. It is in such conflict that the body must be disciplined to succumb to the mind. If this is accomplished, the mind is strengthened and given authority over the body, which is trained to respond positively. As this goes on, the mind is promoted to heights never before imagined, and is encouraged to go beyond its limits. The body does what it is told to do. So the body begins to outdo itself. It is at this point where limitless potentials break out of hiding and release the champion in all of us.

It is wonderful what the body can do,
if you've got the mind to let it.


  1. I hate to break it to you but my Drill Sergeant was the one who quoted that saying to me. It probably was said many times to many people over the years. It may have been said differently by others but the actual words were, "Let your mind lead the way and your body will follow!" These words have resonated in me for many years never changing.

  2. Hello Anonymous! Yes.....many people refer to quotes, find their favorites, then repeat them in a way that is special to them. I'm sure my yoga instructor felt something special about that quote.....it's a powerful one indeed!


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Go confidently in the direction of your dreams . . .
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