Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting things done . . . .

Happy Monday to you! I am happy to be home, and even happier to be slipping back into my daily routine.  I have a "to-do" list that may take me a few days to get through, and it reminds me of my friend who gets so much joy from the actual "checking off" of the list. As a matter of fact, we often laugh about it because we both realize that it seems silly to get so much satisfaction from doing that, but we know that it's all about the fulfillment of a completed task. To us it feels more like a "ta-da" list! Getting things done, and moving on...yep, always feels so good. A few sure to prioritize and keep it short,  otherwise you will begin to feel overwhelmed and you may end up walking away from the entire list. Make it doable, and tackle one thing at a time. You can always add to your list once you've completed a few things. By the end of the week........ you get to enjoy the satisfaction of having it behind you, and the Ta-da!

Have a wonderful day! 

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Go confidently in the direction of your dreams . . .
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