Thursday, October 13, 2011

Do what it takes . . . .

Time is relentless. It is the one resource that you cannot regenerate. The life you have now, the one you are living, is the only one that you have been awarded, at least in this world. And every moment in which you fail to take purposeful action is another moment wasted.
Life rewards action,
not intention.
The IRS doesn't care if you "meant" to pay your taxes; your child doesn't care that you "meant" to fix dinner; the people at the crosswalk are not at all comforted that you "meant" to stop. What matters, what determines the script of your life, is what you do. People who win take purposeful, meaningful action; they don't just think about it. To have what you want, you have to do what it takes.
Resolve now that you will take the risk, make the effort, and be persistent in the pursuit of your goals. Your life should be filled with victories and rewards. If you are losing, that means somebody else is winning, so you know that winning happens. It might as well happen to you, but it's not going to happen by accident. It will happen because you make it happen. It will happen because you know what you want and move toward it in a strategic, consistent, meaningful, purposeful manner. Take action, and insist on results. 

"It is not good enough for things to be planned - they still have to be done; for the intention to become a reality, energy has to be launched into operation."
-Walt Kelly

From the book
Life Strategies

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Go confidently in the direction of your dreams . . .

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams . . .
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