Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thank you . . . .

I read a quote earlier this morning that said "just because you're not always skipping through tulips with joy doesn't mean there's something wrong with you." I couldn't agree more, however, because of the fact that I write about finding more joy in your life, I am guessing I could be mistaken as one who might think otherwise.  Quite the contrary. We are faced with challenges, demands  and heartache every day. I am not immune from that. Nor do I believe that there is something wrong with you if you can't put a smile on your face when you're staring at a pile of work and your boss is breathing down your neck, or if you've just missed your flight and lost your luggage.  It can be difficult to remain joyful through these stressors. But I do believe, with all my heart, that it is how you approach these stressors that makes all the difference. I am an optimist by choice.  I am fully aware of daily difficulties, but I also believe that life is overflowing with good. And I choose to see the good in front of me, even when faced with bad situations. If you are making a choice to  dwell on the worst part of the situation, you are the one who suffers. 

Tomorrow marks the 3rd anniversary of This Way to Joy, and I thought it might be a perfect time to reiterate why I do this. So why do I write about finding joy? Simply because I believe that ultimately everyone deserves it. And I know that when you can find joy in your own life, you become a better person; a happier person. When you're a happier person, you make it easier on those who spend time with you. You're a joy to be around! We probably can't conquer the world because of it, but it sure makes a difference in how you spend your days, which turn into months, then years, and before you know it, you've just lead a pretty happy life.

Please allow me to
thank you for visiting me.
♥ I am honored that you choose to come here. 
xo, Connie


  1. Happy Anniversary, Connie. You have definitely fulfilled your intention in this blog. It is a wonderful, wise, positive and uplifting spot on the internet and I love coming here! Thank you for your fantastic perspective and uplifting words!!

  2. Connie, many thanks to you and Happy Anniversary. I look forward to reading your blog every morning and hope you will continue to spread positivity.

  3. Thank you Judy & Mridula!!! Wishing both of you a fabulous day & weekend! : )

  4. I make it a point to read your blog starts my day with a smile & inspiration! Thank You


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Go confidently in the direction of your dreams . . .
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